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Duplo DP-635H can print on paper, card and even windowed envelopes at a blistering 120 pages per minute, much like a single-colour litho press but at a more economical price for short runs.

Its heat-free drum and ink print system is also reminiscent of a litho machine but the 45 second plate-making procedure is done automatically inside the machine. It will print one colour at a time but colour changeovers take less than a minute and require no cleaning at all.


Ideal for

4 pages to 48 pages, fold collate and stapled to any size ~ with card covers

Offset Litho Printing


Litho printing allows the the greatest flexibility of ink colours and paper types, and is best for when you need a large number of copies of the same thing.

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and more...

Litho explained

Plates, are made for each colour of ink, which are then mounted in the press. The plates lay ink onto special rubber rollers, which transfer the images onto the paper.