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Fast Copying

Black, red and blue copying on our top of the range DUPLO which can process 7000 copies in an hour ~ and has enormous capacity enabling us to offer the best value copying solution around.


Ideal for

Brochures 4 pages to 48 pages, fold collate and stapled to any size - with card covers. We can provide typesetting and artwork or you can provide your own artwork (hard copy, disk or email)

Colour photocopying

Is designed for environments that need dependable, digital colour production, satisfying the ever-growing need for high-quality, short-run and print-on-demand colour. Colour prints and copies can be produced from files supplied on disc, email or hard copy, quickly, and on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes.

We constantly update our equipment to ensure we always provide the best quality and fastest turnaround. Hales Printers has been around since 1953 - that's 54 years of understanding and knowledge gained in colour print and copying - so we know how and what is achievable using colour copying/digital print equipment.

Black and White Copying

We copy black & white A6 to A3's and can fold, staple and collate your work producing booklets and reports. Our black and white printing equipment is also continuously updated ensuring we always supply the highest quality copies and at faster print speeds. For even better quality photographic results we can produce black and white prints on our colour printing equipment - please ask if you have a particular requirement.